The long-awaited November colony update is finally here!
-Colony research can now be increased by placing Research Modules.
-The following new colony modules have been added:
•Astrometrics Center
•Drone Launch Platform
•Drone Control Module
•Tower Module
•Space Elevator
-Strikecraft dogfights gain a new dimension of possible tactics in the form of high alpha maneuvers
-Custom user keybinds have been added. Keys can be rebound in the settings menu

It is recommended to play with graphics level 9 or 10.

Explore and discover the expanse of space with over 50 ships across a huge procedurally generated solar system. Build sprawling colonies and massive space stations, coordinate with friends to crew a ship, or battle in colossal multicrew warships. 

Private server owners can use admin commands (type '@commands' in chat for a full list) and use special admin ships in their private servers. No exp is awarded in private servers.


There are currently no running experiences.