Redux is a futuristic first person shooter being developed by Terabyte Studios. 
*Broken and outdated, rework coming soon*


Space - Jump // Double Jump
WASD - Movement
Right Click - Aim
Q - Super
G - Grenade (might be broken)
C - Crouch // Slide
Shift - Sprint
Mouse wheel/1/2 - Switch weapons

Redux features intense, dynamic combat using a variety of weapons, movement.

Note: This is in pre-alpha stage! There are bound to be game breaking bugs, and LOTS of things will change. Joint our communities by checking the social links to give us your feedback!

Recent updates 8/31/19
😎 New maps and weapons
🤩 New Weapon / Super customization
🖥️ Exploit fixes
🗣️ Completely new menu

Any bugs, suggestions, or general feedback, follow our Twitter in the links below and to also keep up with development.


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