Recent Updates:
-nothing. i hate you all.
just kidding but I'm taking a break to focus on writing.

-Animations are wonky
-GUI sizing issues on mobile + smaller screens but who cares about mobile users anyway
-busses don't move yet even though that's the entire point of the game

Premium Benefits:
-Free access to the Peter Griffin Fanclub.

If you find any issues then please message me so I can fix it. Especially if there's game-breaking bugs or game passes aren't working.

If you lose bus hits during an update, let me know and I'll restore what was lost (must be in-game with me to do it, also I'll need proof).

Tested on...
iPod Touch 6th gen iOS 9.3.3 (crashes)
Dell Inspiron 5593, 2019 higher-end laptop Win10 (runs smoothly, no issues)
HP 17-x087nr, 2017 lower-end laptop Win10 (a bit slow, long loading time)
Dell Inspiron 2305, 2011 desktop Win10 (very slow, pretty much unplayable)
Samsung Galaxy J3 2018 Android 8.0 (even slower, even more unplayable)

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