Welcome to Firefighter Tycoon!
Update! Bug fixes and quality of life improvements, thanks to your feedback, alongside a new code: "NewPatch3" 

👨‍🚒 Quick! There are fires out there! We need a hero to put them out.
🚒 Start off earning cash to then expand your fire station and to save the city from these dangerous fires.
👍 LIKE the game, we appreciate it! Shows your love and support to the game and motivates us to work on future updates.
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💾Auto-save! The tycoon saves automatically!
🔃Rebirth! After you complete the tycoon and have a sum of cash, you can rebirth!

The Founders!
Pluto_Dev - Builder/3D Modeler
iGCEL - Programmer

Join our group for an exclusive [FAN] chat tag, 20000 coins for joining it for the first time and the ability to give us feedback, which can be very helpful for our game's future!(more perks soon)
Music Credits: markam media (YouTube)


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