Welcome to Firefighter Tycoon!
Update! In-game avatar editor is now here, also I gave a new refresh to the game by adding new textures, and some vehicle bug fixes! 

👨‍🚒 Quick! There are fires out there! We need a hero to come and put them out.
🚒 Start off earning cash to then expand your fire station and to save the city from these dangerous fires.
👍 LIKE the game, we appreciate it! Shows your love and support to the game and motivates us to work on future updates.
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💾Auto-save! The tycoon saves automatically!
🔃Rebirth! After you complete the tycoon and have a sum of cash, you can rebirth!

The Founders!
Pluto_Dev - Builder/3D Modeler (Twitter - dev_pluto)
iGCEL - Programmer (YouTube - GamesCeII)

Join our group for an exclusive [FAN] chat tag and 20000 coins for joining it for the first time!(more perks soon)
Music Credits: markam media (YouTube)


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