“This is a remake of the popular game, Flee The Facility, made by MrWindy.
This is a project made out of compassion for the game, we wanted to see it grow, but after the 3 total years of its lifespan with no gameplay updates (maps not included), we decided to take it into our own hands."

[ToaD]noonekirby-Scripting and Game Design
[Bdopz]Kenth3132-Audio Designer
[Cow]BCowst-Lead Builder and Designer
[David]Davidko29-Cave Parkour Builder, Animator and Skin Modeler
[Tady]TaduksLtu- Game Icon and Beast Cave Builder
[Spahh]kaykeflee- Lead Tester
[Tappy]Stlmate- Lead Tester
(Please do not give any of these people hate, if you want to hate anyone, hate me, ToaD.)
Gameplay Progress:
✅ Phase 1: Functionality
✅ Phase 2: Research and Fixes
✅ Phase 3: Audio and Visual
✅ Phase 4: New Content(Abilities, Maps, etc) and QoL
✅ Phase 5: Fixes and Community Feedback
✅ Phase 6: General/Misc Final Changes
❌ Phase 7: QoL(✅), Art(✅), New Content(❌) and Final Touches(❌) 


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