⭐️ Brawl Stars event released!

🔥 To active auto click you have to buy upgrade from "GEM SHOP" (Don't requires Gamepass)

⭐️ New huge update at 25000 likes!
💎 Free pet code: LEON

📋 New update:

⭐ Brawl Stars event added.
👶🏻 New [Brokhaven] egg added.
🍼 New Brokhaven pet added. [6 PET]
👑 x25 Taps added.
🌴 New Brawl Stars island added.
🐞 Bugs are fixed

🔥 Get those rewards by joining the "OS Gaming Studios" group: 

🐼 One extra pet slot 
🥚 Free Auto Hatch
💰 Extra 20% click and gem 
💎 Free daily group rewards
👑 Name and Chat tags

🌙 How to play: 

⚡ You can gain power by clicking! 
💪🏻 Transform into a superhero and use special abilities!
📈 Try to get to the top of the leaderboards!
⭐ Reach other islands and embark on new adventures!


There are currently no running experiences.