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The original game.

The first law of the universe is now the law of endless looping background music.
The others are backups.
It's not even good background music, kerbals are falling from the sky to escape it. But Bob doesn't seem to join them. Take out those earphones Bob, that music you are listening to is only for attractive people.
Now even Bob is ready to make the leap. He fears the pitchforks that may or may not await his OOF in the afterlife, but not enough to endure the endless looping background music.
'Okay, stop it right there!'
Quiet, David, you are disrupting the flow of the narrative.
'I don't know if you've noticed, but the game is called Kerbal SPACE program, you're supposed to go to space, not sit around and do stupid OOF like this.'
My voice is more awesome than yours. Not even space offers any relief from the endless looping background music.
The government has already used the last money on Kerbin to evacuate, but it's now too late to turn back.

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