👋 Welcome to Tiny's Difficulty Chart Obby! 

This game is a parkour difficulty chart obby that progressively gets more challenging as you go, from an easy obby to a hard obby all the way up to being borderline impossible! Only the obby master's who have practiced for years will be able to fully complete this difficulty chart obby, do you have the skill to do so? If you can't complete the difficulty chart obby like most people, don't worry because you can always rebirth for points to get halos and trails or get on the leaderboard! Have fun!

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My Group:

Total Stages: 375/500

🦎 Group: GeckoSquad
🐦 Twitter: @TinyGecko920
🎥 YouTube: Tiny Gecko

Played by Flamingo, KreekCraft, jessetc, Fave, DeeterPlays, Conor3D, Telanthric, and more!

This game was featured in Roblox Metaverse Champions, the badge from it is no longer obtainable.

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