Update : 060 [4/29/22] - Made the forts on The Palisade destructible.

     Trenches is a game about working with your team to achieve victory over your enemies.  You and your team will have to fight in procedurally generated environments and utilize unique weapons to come out on top.  You must build fortifications to hold your ground or assault the enemy with armor to conquer the battlefield.

[Using 3rd party software to modify the game or gain an advantage will result in a ban.]

[Attention] Trenches is still in beta. Expect bugs as well as a lack of features and polish.  Anything in the game now may change.  Please have patience as the game continues to be developed.

Shovel - Build structures.
Pickaxe - Destroy structures.
ATG - Anti-tank gun.
Engineer - 2X work speed.  
Artillery - Shift to aim.
Tanks - Shift to aim.
Tanks - Left click for MG / Right click for main.


There are currently no running experiences.