Please leave a 👍 to get $10K in game! (must be claimed)

⭐ CLAIM your ROLE in-game by joining the group:
(If you reach the 3rd rank you get a free gun)


🕵️ YOU are tasked to either TRAIN in the academy, or be an ENEMY of the CIA and cause havoc. We wish you best of luck on your endeavors.

Do YOU have what it takes to be a SPY?

- 🎖️ Play as a hostile hazmat and conquer the base to GAIN POWER!
- 🎮 Climb the ranks of the CIA and eventually host training and lead your own division!
- 📃 Make sure to follow our rules to have an enjoyable experience:

⚠️ This experience may include paid advertisements that are labelled as "Paid Ads" and use assets from @AdvertUploader.

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