= Hall of Fame 2013 Runner-Up =
Finally ROBLOX finally recognized the original D.C in the Hall of Fame 2013.  Look under Rome's.. this is the last place listed.
I'd like to thank all the ROBLOXians who supported me!  :D

Free to use since its been stolen various times and edited several times, namely by the FoundingFathers and this Night fellow, they still use my stuff :/.  I don't care if you don't give credit.  You can now own the most accurate re-creation of Washington, D.C on ROBLOX, you want everything here?  Get this one, not the free modeled-incomplete exploited ones.  I originally created DC in 2009, but then restarted the project in 2011.  It was never "finished" but whats done is quite amazing.  Enjoy the free DC!

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