Welcome to Jumping Folks! Come and join on short various difficulty obbies. Race with your friends, Its all about speed and consistency! Be precise as every jump counts. Win or participate to get more Tokens. Use Tokens to customize your character and show off to your friends! Hangout time


PLEASE leave a thumbs up 👍 and favourite 🌟 if you like the game!

📋Latest Update 3.1:
~ 🏠 New LOBBY!
~ 🧱 Mini Obby for tokens in Lobby
~ 🦉 PETS [NEW]!
~ 📜 NEW Maps!
~ 🦄 Body Colors!
~ 👸 VIP Titles

🏘️ Join Smiley Folks for updates and an additional 25 Tokens every 5 minutes in game.

🎁Follow on Twitter for codes and Latest/Upcoming Game updates on the game:
Developer: @SmileyGin

Shutdown = New update


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