📙 UPDATE LOG {V 5.5} 📙
- 💥 Added Secret Bermuda Triangle & 3 New Bosses & Sharks!!!

🐳 Welcome To Shark Evolution 🌴 

🐠 Take on the role of a Baby Shark!
🦑 Defeat Sea Monsters and Bosses to Become Stronger!
🥩 Collect Meat to Evolve into a Mighty Shark!
⚡️ Collect DNAs to go Beyond your Limits and Mutate into New Shark Species!
🏆 Gather Learning Points (LP) and Use them to Open the Ancient Altar!
✨ Inherit Powerful Ancient Legacy Skills!
🐲 Beat the Legendary Dragon King!
🌊 Restore Peace to the Great Sea!
👑 Become the Ocean King!!!

📢 You do not gain Tournament wins, points, or kill streaks in VIP servers. This is to prevent players from exploiting the system!

☀️ Have a good time! Enjoy! ☀️

[ By Thai Devs Team 😊 ]


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