Current Version: 1.4.7

⚠️ The game is currently in public beta. Please join the server below to report any bugs you find! ⚠️

Hotkeys & Info:
F - Inspects Weapon
G - Taunts
R - Reloading
Type "/join" to enter the match as a zombie.
To votekick a player, you must SPECIFICALLY type in "/votekick username reason" in the chat. Example: /votekick guest12 hacking


The Undead Coming is a multiplayer zombie survival shooter where you and your teammates fight against the undead. Each round lasts about six minutes and any KOs you rack up will go towards the amount of bricks you earn, which, can be used to buy weapons and cosmetics.

Original game by Stealth Pilot / ScorpioPilot.
In-game shop rotates every 12 hours.

Private Servers

Visit this experience with friends and other people you invite.
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