🎙|| Take a ride above the rest, and conduct the last arks of humanity across a frozen world!

🌍 || Use trains featured in the Snowpiercer franchise & custom made trains by us! [TV, Movie, Comic, Big Alice, Icebreaker, Pilot & More!]

📰 || Use new gameplay features to make your gaming experience more fluid and fun! [Free-Cam, Delete Tools, Cameras, Train Lights & More!]

📚 || Please make sure to follow our Rules & Guidelines! These do not apply in private servers! [Which are free!]

⚙️ || This update was created by: RealKieron, notfenv, Lectoric, RealMagentaBuilder, Omontys, RealMotherDearest, Ariel_Esp, H_pyx. We are so proud of this update and we all hope you enjoy!


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