Version: 0.3.3

Important Notice: 
Dragon Ball RP Legacies is a fanon timeline based off of Akira Toriyama's anime series Dragon Ball.
PC Only.
You Need Two Hairs to Transform.
Please Read the Rules at Spawn.
Chaos & Harmony...One cannot exist without one another. It is a dawn of a new hour in the world of Legacies...Will you become the hero that eradicates the darkness in the universe?! Or will you allow yourself be the villain who plunges the universe chaos?! 

Make your own character and create your story!

Developers -
Director: @iiMystix_X
Decal Maker: @xmikamarble
Animator: @bc_yeet
Scripter: @iiMystix_X
3D Modeler & Map Creator: @iiMystix_X
Visual Effects: @iiMystix_X


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