Droids is a procedurally-generated roguelike focused heavily on sword-fighting mechanics. Every run is different from the last: face several different Droid varieties as you continually get stronger.

🤖 Battle over fifty Droid varieties as you travel through a series of fleshed-out worlds! 
🎓 Various classes to unlock and purchase, with each directly influencing how you play the game!
⚔️ Over fifty weapons and a hundred items to experiment with as you fight your way to the end!
👥 Play by yourself or with a party of up to four people! The Droids experience is best with friends!
📈 Is the game somehow too easy for you? Stack up ascension levels for a challenge!

If you want more info on the Droids project, join this group:

This is a beta release. As this is a beta, several things are being tweaked, data loss may occur, new features are still being added, and there may be occasional bugs. 

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