Two Platoons of A27M Cromwell Mk VII's from the 7th Armoured Division "Desert Rats", 51st RTR(Royal Tank Regiment) nicknamed "Leed's Rifles"
march through Rural Germany to maintain and reinforce positions of the 11th Armored Division, 44th RTR.

Both Platoons bare the Markings of Squadron B.

Both Platoons are ordered to have their bow guns face 15 degrees right, with Turrets in 12:30, 
while in a column seperated in some distance toward the position of Friendlies and Objective.

Closest seen in the picture, 'T188118' is the First Platoon Leader positioned in the middle of their platoon, 
with the second platoon following behind 'T181118', the third tank in the column.

Inspired by Bwws' Cloaked: 

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