This is a rework game to compare my old self, and specifically my old sans game i made a while back ago.
I am hoping that i am doing a great job myself compared to myself back then. 

I have learned a lot in these past months or so. From YouTube, and from my friends alone, big thanks to them.
The assets, the faces and the bones, and probably everything else are not owned by me, they originated from the toolbox, and i used BunnyDreemurr's Assets.
Specifically Face assets.

BunnyDreemurr is the creator of SoulShatters, a fighting based Undertale game with multiple characters to choose from, and also where you can fight other players, sometimes vibe with your friends or alone, like me lol, and develop your own combos to take on other opponents.

This place is supposed to be owned right to Undersoul, created by HardyAsRock. And also known as Zera.
And i am just a mere developer. A lazy one specifically.

You can find out more about Undersoul on his profile.


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