Indicator of where ball will land has been changed back to where ball will land.
Added Fielding Low balls (still no grounders)
Fixed issue with Batter doing pitching animations for other players, when pitcher is AI.

To start an At Bat simply walk up to either batter's box.

Controls for At Bat:
BackSpace = Exit At Bat.
Spacebar = Have pitcher throw you a pitch.
LeftClick = Start Windup
LeftClick in Windup = Swing Bat.
MouseLocation = try to have the mouse curser on the ball to get best hits.

Your Hits are determined by 5 factors:
1. How Long you winded up (right at the end of windup animation is most power).
2. Contact made with the ball, the closer your curser is on the ball the more power.
3. Vertical displacement, the angle at which the ball will travel depends on the vertical displacement from Curser to Ball.
4. Time of Swing, determins horizontal angle
5. Horizontal displacement,

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