This game will no longer receive updates as we are no longer working on it.
We have however released a new gamemode that you can play here:


ALONE is a post-apocalyptic RPG where players choose what they want to do.
You can upgrade your character and your equipment, fight monsters and players, interact with NPCs, find loot and items, and more!

This game is currently paid because of Early Access. It still needs a lot of work. Buy at your own risk, we can't refund any purchases.
The game will be moved to a group when it is released. This means that your save will not carry over.
Anyone who bought Early Access will get a cosmetic item when the full game is released.

The game is scripted by filiptibell and built by michaelvanderfin. 
Clothes are all made by Yozoh.

Private Servers


This experience does not support Private Servers.


There are currently no running experiences.