✈️ We've added a new mile-long airstrip in South Beach! Come drag race, ship cargo, and explore the new marshes off-road!
🚗 We've added 5 new cars this week!
🏠 (FIXED!) Houses are now free to get for everyone! We'll be using the old Home Pass as a Mansion Pass very soon!

🌟 Enjoying the game? Leave a like and favorite! We'll be giving away a free car at 500k likes! 🌟

Welcome to the wide world of Ultimate Driving, where you can explore, roleplay, and race with your friends in a vast open world! The more you drive, the more credits you'll earn to spend on muscle cars, tuners, classics, supercars, and even hypercars! Respond to emergencies and enforce the law as a police officer, save lives from fires as a fire fighter or EMT, keep the post office moving as a mailman, ship cargo and drive big trucks, and haul your friends to new places as a bus driver! With over 300 different vehicles to choose from, there's always something new to drive!

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