Official Note: [Early Public]
Welcome to Wall Hop Practice V2 ! 
A game that improves your wall hop and glitches skills also based on obbies. There’s a lot of techniques to learn through out the game, and it will also benefit and achieve you.
It’s not just a game to have fun on, it’s a game invented for practice and Achievements.

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Update Log (10/6/202)
😇 Halos
LeaderBoard Coins
Adonis Admin
Beginner wall hop & Beginner Ladder flick
Sword Fight Arena Event!
New JoJo Bizarre Tower

Spoiler Leak:
Labour Day: Korblox Legs
My B-Day: Free Admin
Easter Egg: Easter Event
Christmas: Invisible Head

(Big Thanks to my Developers)

Co Owner | OP Builder = Ni_us🔨
Builder | Scripter = Excidites🛠
Tester and Builder = PeteHyperTheGameTest🔨
OP Builder = snip_thedog🔨
Creator Of all = PeteHyper🛠

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