The objective of this tycoon, is to buy and process better and better ores. They will be processed thru the refinery wich will give you currency. With the money you will expand your factory, Eventually you will also get jets, hoverboards, a jetpack, player launchers, teleporters and much more! Changelog V.5 - Added gems! (Badges) ---------- V.4 - The exploration update! - SO MUCH TO EXPLORE. ---------- V.3 - The Player Point update! - Added Loads of ways to get Player points, A player point refiner. ---------- V.1 - The first day. Beta testing V1.2 - Fixed Jetpacks, Fixed some plates arent ancored, Fixed the Bomber Plane. V1.3 - Fixed Jetpacks for good, Fixed massive fires in furnaces. Added parkour explaination, Bomber Plane now works the same way as the fighter jet. V2 - Fixed Fire glich, New fixed jetpack, Gui for shops, Vip rooms, Fix camera glich tool added. V2.1 - Fixed the Game Pass Rooms, ####### gear price to 200RS(temporarily)


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