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--- This is the original project fan-made game. Other games that looks exactly like this game was taken from this copyunlocked game.  ---

🧨🎆🎇Happy New Year!!!! Thank you for visiting my place! Now you can take my game and make it worse!!!!🧨🎆🎇

Don't worry, I will keep the game running forever.

This game will no longer be updated, go visit -Test Place-.

Demo Updates :
- Added test drive (Demo)
Previous Updates :
- Added windows to buildings.
- Added a little bit of water.
- Added click to start text.
- Lighting changed when clicked garage button.

Note :
- I recommend to have a HD1080 monitor or smartphone, GUI fits it perfectly. (Why? Because I believe many users have HD1080 monitors or smartphone already.) (And again, I don't have a HD1080 monitor, I'm using a old monitor that had 1366x768 resolution.😢)

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