Welcome to BunBun's Book Basement, the first library on Roblox with its own custom book editing system! 
To make a book, you will have to join our group:!/about
Not only do we offer advanced customization for your books, we also have a unique style to our library, as well as a cafe! Feel free to treat yourself to some sugary sweets and drinks there.

Punishment system:
Verbal warn, Private warn, Kick, Kick, Ban.
 Moderators will not hesitate to ban you instantly if the offense is serious, however this is rare. *To drown out alt accounts, your account MUST be at least a month old in order to join.*

It is highly recommended to have your graphics at a lower level, if not all the way down, if you have a laggy device. You can run this game at full graphics, but you'd need a higher end device.

Private Servers

Visit this experience with friends and other people you invite.
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