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"Where every smile counts."

 🎉 Welcome to Teethyz Dentist, the best dentistry game on this platform. Teethyz Is an all-around role playing and service and 
industry-genre game! At Teethyz Dentist you can get a better smile and cleaner teeth! Our service is extremely fast and you will get you teeth done in no time, so you
can show your friends! We also offer orthodontics, which allows you to have braces, along with our original aspect cleaning teeth, fixing cavities, and more! 🎉

You can find our official and current Communications Server Code below!

Presented to you by our awesome
development team:

Producer: Diste
Programming: Colbert2677,
HeadEmirNick, Pudgywokke,
Level Designer: Acryleo, Salve_Mundi


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