~Official plan for X-Tower~
-Bottom 'X' goes up 20 floors (Complete)
-Center octagon goes up 15 floors (Complete)
-Top 'X' goes up 5 floors (Complete)

Total: 40 floors

Currently: Working on the inside stuff
Goal: Finish/fix the elevator to fully work

Consists of 21,809 bricks (Half the tower at the time)
Consists of 32,744 bricks (Tower framing finished)
Consists of a total... bricks (Entire game 100% complete)

Estimated time: 1-2 years

NOTE: Once the flaws in the exterior & the elevator are fixed I will put it into 'BETA' and you will be able to buy your way into the game to help me test & comment on what you think and where I can add/improve. 

(If you pay for access you will receive a rewarding in-game bonus for your time in helping me test updates. (paying for access before it's in BETA will get you nothing))

NOTE: I may have to lay off the project until I can get a better computer to process the client, Guess we know what warning I need to put in the desc


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