A new and unique JoJo game, featuring many unique jokes.

⚒️ - This game is in Heavy alpha, everything is subject to change. We are working hard every day to completely revamp the game.

⚠️ - Epilepsy, Blood warning.
🎮 - PC supported, other platforms are being worked on.
👥 - If you want to support the game, Leave a like and join our group!

📜 - Developed by: Bargomilsa Studios' developer team.
The contributors are listed in the in-experience.

🎵 - Most sound files are from Yasumasa Koyama, Namco's "All-Star Battle" and "Eyes of Heaven". These can be removed upon request.

Heavily inspired by Hirohiko Araki's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. 
A game by Bargomilsa Studios.


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