"Welcome to a world where Critical Strike is Critically ill"
Here at ACS, we have freed characters from the concept of "nerfs." If something is too good, we buff the others. After all, if everybody is broken, nobody is. 

QOL changes CS does not have but should really be there
Extremely fast pace of battle, no 8-10 minute rounds here
A baller soundtrack that is way better than whatever it used to be
Broken (aka super fun) classes nobody likes (everybody likes)
A weird mix of very high and very low effort for random things
New classes that at this point are decided by a monkey on a typewriter

Inspired by the Super Smash Bros Brawl Minus Mod

This uses a modified Critical Strike 4 engine.
Explosivesguy2, Stuffed_Eclipse
TwigTheSavage - Trailer | VoltRBLX - Neon Lights | x6 - Frozen Fortress + Lobby + Anims | Terra - TRICKSTER class | Jonesy - Terra, Tophat | Stagz - Pico & Dart Monkey Art

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