Welcome to Eyebrawl, the game where you battle to restore your team's vision! Enter enemy territory and flip switches to restore your sight (like capture the flag or control points). Use the minimap and tall beacon lights to guide you. When all of your switches are flipped, head to the center with half your team and hold it to win the game.

Watch out though, if three players from the other team, make it to the master switch next to your spawn, your progress will be reset!

Created by:
Bonnie: Scripting
DarthChadius: Scripting
Mimi_Dev: Character Designer, Building, Graphics, Integration, Scripting, Animating
Missss_Peach: Building, Character Design
Rotozap: Scripting, UI Design
Sparklings: Animating, Character Design, Building

Made for RDC Game Jam 2020

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