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Welcome to Dinosaur Arcade! Return to the Mesozoic Era and experience the world as your favorite dinosaur, visualized in an arcade style aesthetic! Search the map for fossil deposits to research new dinosaurs, investigate meteor impact sites, and uncover the secrets of the mayhem!

🎮 PC/XBOX Controls
[Left-Click], [RT] - Interact
[Right-Click], [RB] - Grab
[Shift], [LT] - Sprint
[Q/E], [Y/B] - Swim Up/Down
[C], [Left Stick] - Call
[G], [DPadRight] - Growl
[R], [DPadUp] - Roar
[Z], [DPadDown]  - Rest
[T], [LB] - Track footprints while hovering over with your cursor
[U], [X] - Hide GUI
[H], [DPadLeft] - Change camera view
[Space], [A] - Jump



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