👋 Welcome to São Paulo Sewer! 👋

⚑ Get to the end of the sewer without falling into the contaminated water first of all players before time runs out !!! ⚑

👀 You can also earn points using secret codes that are hidden in various places ... 👀

 🚨 Last Update: 🚨

- Novo Sistema de level e classes 🧰
- New Buildings   
- New Items   
- Updates on the shield 🛡️ (available in the game store) 🛡️
- New letter font 🅰️
- Bug fixes on / skip on vip servers 🏅
- Correction of bugs in the Tempo system βŒ›
- General bug fixes and minor improvements;) 🤖

💡 Game 100% developed by Brazilians! 💡

📚 Developer: gilvanmota (🐦 @erro_gil)
   Builder: zVitorCardz (🐦 @zVitorCardz)

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