-- Dev Logs --
the map and scripts are fully handmade
no free models bc its trash

Updated the map [ V4 ]
Update : made all the swords impossible to drop
Update : the EasterEgg got a SafeZone Now ! ( = god )
Update : changed the dmg of the epic sword to : 9999999 per hit
Added : Retro Camera
Added : Retro Jump Delay
Added : FF orb 
Added : a Mute / unMute button if u wanna listen to ur songs on yt
Added : LeaderBoard DataStorage ( so u dont lose ur stats )
Added : a SHOP with paid swords ( rejoin game if u buy )
Added : OG teleporters scripted by SWATClTY
Added : KOS Leaderboard
Added : DarkHeart
Added : IceDagger
Added : GhostWalker
Added : illumina
Added : BigHeadSoda
Added : VenomShank
Added : FireBrand

Future updates - COMING SOON
badges meet the creators akt and SWATClTY

Signed Dev : SWATClTY

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