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👑 Use the code "RELEASE" and LIKE the game for 500 Taps!

ALIEN UPDATE 👽 (9/05/21)
🧭 Quests! Complete quests to earn rewards
📖 Index Rewards! Collect all pets from each egg to earn rewards
👽 Alien Egg!
🐾12 New Pets!
🐾3 New Secret Pets!
🛒 New Shop UI!
💪 New Boosts!
💪More Shrine Upgrades!
💪Lots of fixes/Improvements

Welcome to Tapping Gods! In this game you use your Tap button to earn Taps, in which you can Rebirth, and gain Diamonds! Buy pets with your Taps, and use Diamonds to unlock Pets, which give you better multipliers!


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Produced by @RussoTalks @OneLegitDev @RBl_ColonelSanders @itsIanBV

Contributors: @FilteredScript @Dobdev @Ayzilo_o

Pets modeled by @CursedHyp3r @Yzbzi_7 @Domiscius
@KurbyRBX @FireAtacck
Thumbnails by @Seafinity1, @FlaxLol and @XandsGFX

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