Every Doctor, Every Outfit, Every Detail, Every Range...

  BUYING: To buy clothing, click on the respective shirt/pants.
  TRYING ON: Click on the Name tag on the base.
  SPRINT: Shift key

Welcome to the Doctor Who - Clothing Complex! As the name implies, we're here to deliver the most accurate and best looking outfits in all of Roblox, whilst also keeping a simplistic and easily recognizable style! All outfit designs were developed by TheRadMan13, with the remakes completely done by Rafman12.

This isn't a one man show, we also have our lead architect Prydonian, in charge of the store, creative consultant Pauleric, in charge of supplying a multitude of references and ideas. However, we welcome any fans of our work to contribute ideas to make this a much better group!

Our current release schedule is a brand new outfit every single day, with doubles on Sunday!

This store is built and maintained by Prydonian. 


There are currently no running experiences.