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hello! Welcome to Laney's Difficulty Chart Obby. Will you be able to complete it as the stages get harder??!

please like and favorite! A lot of people dislike because they die and I put a lot of effort into this game ):

Come to the Lord before its too late! Just ask him

your progress saves

Laney's Difficulty Chart Obby is a difficult parkour platformer obby that starts very easy obby and then progressively goes from a hard obby to a near unbeatable obby. This is not a Skateboard obby or a troll obby all stages are possible but some are very hard and challenging. Can you beat and escape and reach the end of this obby (obstacle course? This obby is meant to test your skills and challenge yourself to beat every level and rise to the top! Not meant to be easy as other obbies like Tower of Heck or Tower of Misery or Tower of Easy or ToH, this is difficulty chart obby like Juke's Towers of Heck / JToH. Some people Speedrun or do Shortcuts.

by 2aney


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