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Hi, My Name Is BlubbyBlue32 And I Love Pie Because It Is So Good And I Cant Stop Eating It And Well You Are Probibly Really Getting Very Mad Because I Am Starting To Get A Little Anoing And You Probibly Want To Beat Me Up For Lunch Money And You Want To Beat Me Up Just For The Fun Of It Or Just I Think That. I Am Going To Tell You A Story And It IS Caled ''Shut Up Before I Break Your Neck And Punch Your Jaw So Hard That You Will Be Gushing Blood. Ok Today I Was Walking Down The Street And I Was Hahaing So Much. I Walked Pasted This Guy And A Black Person Walked Passed The Guy And The Guy Said ''You Are So Fat You Couldent Even Fit In My Car And The Black Person Was Like ''Thats What Yo Mama Said And Then I Kicked The Guy In The Nuts And I Slamed The Black Persons Head Into The Bench And I Said ''Sorry, My Docter Said That I Have A Violence Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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