🔥 Recommended for older players. This is NOT an easy obby.
🎉 Thank you all so much for 10 million visits!

Side-menu can now be hidden on mobile devices to prevent interference with the joystick. Shift-lock feature was also added to improve gameplay!

The IQ Obby is a 100 stage obstacIe course that puts your logic and parkour skills to the test. 

Each stage completed awards you IQ points, which can be used to purchase skips or special effects in-game!
Badges are awarded every 10 stages, and for reaching 200 IQ!

Leave a like if you find the course challenging and unique! The dislikes are from people who play easy obbies. 👀

⚠️ This game was optimized for desktop. However, all stages have been tested, and are possible on mobile. 


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