R.M.S Rotator

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R.M.S Rotator was a cruise ship of W&Y. She was the sister ship of R.M.S Liberty. R.M.S Rotator was made after R.M.S Liberty and was built in Liverpool but during the building of her R.M.S Liberty hit a rock and sank. When she was finished her tickets where sold out in just one week. On her madin voyage she had 3,567 Passangers on board (the ship could hold 4,000 max). In her secound voyage she struck a iceberg in the north atlantic and sunk in 2 hours. On that voyage there was 3,923 passangers on board. Out of them all only 2,537 survived. It was one of the worst disasters of its time. (Not Real Only Made Up On Roblox. Was Not A Ship)

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