🐻 Welcome to Pet Hatching Simulator 5!
🥚 Hatch pets!
💰 Get coins!
🌎 Explore new worlds!
🏆 Rise to the top of the leaderboards!

🚨 UPDATE 41 🚨
🍂 2 new eggs!
🐿๏ธ 17 new pets!
🍁 New fall event!
🏆 Competitve season 2 starts now!
🌰 Fall map introduced!
🛒 New halloween themed gem shop!
🎃 The halloween portal has appeared!
🎢 New halloween themed carnival!
📖 Revamped index!
💎 New x2 Gems gamepass!
โšก New x2 Mythic Chance gaamepass!
🥚 Revamped starter eggs!
💍 New gem icon!
โš™๏ธ New settings ui!
🎨 Updated gamepass icons!
🐦 New code! 
💰 Fixed coin icons!
🔨 Fixed the gem shop restocking!
โŒ Every exploited pet has been removed!
🐛 Bug fixes!

📊 Highest player count: 1,943!

A game made by Tapping Studios.

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