👋 Welcome to Tower of Hell - Removed sections! Play with more than 35 removed sections from tower of hell in a working round system! 👋

🚨 UPDATE LOG 05/07/22 🚨
- BIGGEST update ever is out!
- SHOP has been completely remade!
- HALO system has also been completely remade!
- Halos now save after death.
- 2 NEW mutators
- New experimental feature in easy mode: MODIFIERS
- Added new Dark matter halo for reaching level 250
- And much more!

Training mode is temporarily closed, as im working on adapting new changes on this mode. Thanks for patience!

✨ Roblox premium benefits:✨
- Premium chat tag
- x1.5 Coins
More benefits coming soon!

📰 You can join this group for early update news and more:!/about 📰

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