Version: V 1.0.5
- Randomized key room location.
- New Telegraphs.

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Development Contributors: 
- Djmaster444: Programming
- Meshception: Building & Mesh Designing
- LoonyLeftist: Building & Audio Sourcing
- SweetLilibeth: Particle Effects & GUI
- Frikdreina: Contributor of Arms

Additional Credits: Yasunori Mitsuda, for composing the vast majority of the music used in the game; Abbyston, for benches and deck equipment used throughout the ship; RobertGWilliams, for one audio used in the game's playlist.
Tags: Titanic, White Star Line, sinking, sinking game, realistic, Britannic, Lusitania, RP, roleplay, water, maritime, naval, navy, sinking simulation.

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