Welcome to Universal Studios Roblox - Home to The Wizarding World of Roblox where you can cast spells and fly on a broomstick, explore the exotic jungles of Jurassic Park as you encounter dinosaurs, or experience the wrath of a mystical curse in the Revenge of the Mummy thrilling coaster. Relax at our Cabana Bay Beach Resort which offers a pool to cool off, and dine or shop at CityWalk.

UniBux is a form of currency used throughout the resort. It can only be purchased using Robux currency.

This game runs on a realistic day and night cycle using Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4), all events will be scheduled accordingly, including daylight savings.

This game is not intended to be associated with any real-world companies. No copyright is intended. Music provided by APM and Monstercat.

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