Creatures of Sonaria is a WIP of a creature survival game!

❄️ Teinook and more! Get one from the store and one from gachas!❄️ 

🐛Stood's dev creature is here! Give it a look in the dev shop🐛

🦑Play as a variety of creatures
🏞️Grow up and survive in a beautiful world
⚠️Play as: bleeder/toxic/tank/flier/etc!
☄️ Use exciting combat abilities
👥Hang out and socialize with friends
⚔️Group with others and battle as a team
🏹Hunt in a vast universe
♻️Save, trade, and store your grown creatures
🐣Nest in adorable babies, and act as their parent to raise them!
⛈️Survive various seasons, weather, and disasters
✨ Reach a full adult, and mutate to become even stronger
🩹 Survive harsh battles, and earn permanent battle scars


There are currently no running experiences.