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Creatures of Sonaria is an immersive survival experience where you begin as a young and weak creature and grow to survive harsh conditions while finding food and water to grow up into a strong, developed creature!

🦂 Zolbatross and Frigilinx added!

🦑Play as a variety of creatures
🏞️Grow up and survive in a beautiful world
⚠️Play as: bleeder/toxic/tank/flier/etc!
☄️ Use exciting combat abilities
👥Hang out and socialize with friends
⚔️Group with others and battle as a team
🏹Hunt in a vast world
♻️Save, trade, and store your grown creatures
🐣Nest in adorable babies, and act as their parent to raise them!
⛈️Survive various seasons, weather, and disasters
✨ Reach a full adult, and become an elder to get stronger!
🩹 Survive harsh battles

Tags: Survival, Fantasy, Creature, Adventure, Open World, Exploration, Monsters, Animals, PVP, Abilities, Missions


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