50K LIKE GOAL FOR A HUGE EVENT (Rare stands giveaway, more!)
👍 Epic Likes = Epic Updates 🔮
If you end up liking the game, you're a legend. Hope we can make it happen!

Free admin stuff update:
Pot Diary is temporarily free. (Pot Diary was an admin item and Pot Platinum was an admin stand.)
Made on Hallows Eve is basically free from an arrow and is going unobtainable! If you get it now, your stand will be unobtainable soon!

Easier Item update:
Easier items update (Limited update.)

Hey guys, might wanna store Earth's because it will go unobtainable and the stand will get re-woked.

Item saving on death was temporarily removed due to an issue, being added back soon.

Here's the ABJ gang, join us!!/about

Welcome to Jojo's Odd Journey, a chaotic but cool game.
We are a game based off Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the anime.
We have cool updates, and a lot more!

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