Skins were released! If your stand becomes a base Jojo stand or a stand like True Pot Platinum check your Skins located in the Menu!

Use !skintrade user to trade your equipped skin for theirs.

Use command !skincheck user to check their skin before a trade.


➢ A Bizarre Journey is a Jojo game fully inspired by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!

➢ To sprint click CTRL, for mobile there is a button.

➢ For reports and bug issues, you can join our server in "Social Links" and also be notified about recent updates.

➢ Exploiting is not tolerated and will lead to a permanent ban if you are caught.

➢ Join the ABJ gang in the description for a cool tag above your head in game!

New game codes at 60K likes!


There are currently no running experiences.