Welcome! To Accurate Piggy RolePlay.

This is a separate game from Piggy. A game approved by MiniToon, the original Piggy game developer. In this game, everyone can play with certain roles freely! To report bugs, you have to message me via roblox message system or, contact me on Twitter platform.

We work together with the team of developers, which includes, WondrousNinja, Nullxiety, DerpyDervee, A_Chim. Overall manager, TenuousFlea. Special thanks to them and also, you for playing the game!

Update logs; Written on TenuousFlea's Twitter & Youtube accounts. Links are listed below.

Copyright disclaimer, I do not own any Piggy’s assets a.k.a MiniToon’s works, every right goes to MiniToon & IK3As (Co-Owner) except for the custom creations. Every Piggy’s asset in this game is used with the permissions of the copyright © owner. Piggy & the Piggy characters, images, and logos are trademarks of MiniToon Inc. All right reserved to MiniToon.

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